ICC - Future Tour Programs

Future Tour Programs (FTP) Schedule of ICC - Here is the Year 2024 to 2031 completed List of all cricket series and tournament approved as per Future Tour Programs (FTP) of ICC.

ICC - Future Tour Programs

The ICC Future Tours Program (also know as FTP, ICC FTP,  ICC Cricket FTP  for short) is a program of international cricket tours that structure the cricket schedule for full members of the International Cricket Council (ICC), with the aim of each team playing at least once at home and once away. have to play with each other. over a period of 10 years.

If the cricket boards of two different countries reach an agreement, they can play more than two series. If a team does not want to travel to a particular country for a bilateral series due to security reasons, then that series can be shifted to a neutral venue like UAE or any other country with mutual agreement of the respective boards. Where the facilities are considered good.

ICC Future Tours Programe (ICC Men's FTP For 2023-2027)

The International Cricket Council (ICC) announced new FTP for full members starting from 2023 and ending in 2027.

The International Cricket Council 12 Members will play a total of 777 international matches (173 Tests, 281 ODIs and 323 T20Is) in the 2023-2027 FTP cycle compared to the 694 in the 2018–2023 one.

ICC Future Tours Programe (ICC Tournaments and Events FTP For 2024-2031)

The International Cricket Council (ICC) announced new FTP for ICC Tournaments and Events FTP starting from 2024 and ending in 2031.

  • ICC World Test Championship final (2024, 2031)
  • ICC Cricket World Cup (2027, 2031)
  • ICC T20 World Cup (2024, 2026, 2028, 2030) 
  • ICC Champions Trophy (2025, 2023)

Future Tour Programs

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